Your brand: Here, there and everywhere!

You already know why branding is so important—but where, exactly, is your brand? It’s everywhere! Whether you provide a luxury product or B2B services, your audience is seeking information from a myriad of sources. You have the potential to influence buying decisions before ever having a conversation with a prospect.

Prospects and customers will experience and interact with your brand through:

• VISUAL IDENTITY: Your brand’s visuals integrate and extend throughout all business assets in print and online: website, social media accounts, brochures and stationery, trade show and advertising, packaging, store signage. This can include video or podcasts generated by your company.

• WRITTEN IDENTITY: From your written words on your website, brochure, newsletters, to the content you share in podcasts, videos and interviews—every word is part of your brand.

• HUMAN INTERACTION: Beyond your written and visual identity, your brand’s voice and face will be evident everywhere your audience interacts with you: on the phone with customer service, or face-to-face in stores or tasting rooms.

This means every one of these elements needs to reflect your brand story—so no matter where your prospects or customers interact with you, your message is memorable and consistent.

If you need help branding consistently across these elements, let’s talk!