Is my logo my brand?

So, you have a logo and that’s your brand, right? Nope. The terms “brand” and “logo” are not synonymous; it’s a huge misperception! A brand (and branding) is really so much more. What is branding? Simply put: to “brand” your company is to create an authentic story about your company’s personality, culture, values and value—which is then expressed in all … [Read more...]

Pomace, Paper and Packaging

POMACE, PAPER AND PACKAGING: I am always on the look-out for innovative recycled or repurposing ideas. Following are some interesting uses for grape pomace: Here is an interesting article about the use of wine waste or grape pomace to create biodegradable packaging: "Now, researchers at Oregon State University have discovered a more high-value use for … [Read more...]

Are you listening to your audience?

Do you really hear what your target market is telling you? We are bombarded by noise, 24/7, fed to us via a fire hose information feed both online, and via traditional media. We hear advertising jingles in the grocery store, read advertisements on BART, and get so much spam it's a wonder our inboxes don't explode! I feel as if we are in a frenzy... and, … [Read more...]

A bold one color design solution

I really love clean, simple design that uses one color. A recent art exhibition postcard design provided an interesting challenge. The exhibition's title is The Nude 2012, a group show of artists exploring and using the figure, the nude, in their work. I decided from the start that I did not want a recognizable figure in the design, but instead played with … [Read more...]