Creating your brand Style Guide

Brand consistency checklist Once you’ve defined your brand story and gained insight into what message you want to share with your marketing materials, it’s time to set the stage for consistency. Whether you are a soloprenuer or a company with 250 employees, maintaining consistency across your brand efforts can be a challenge, yet without consistency, … [Read more...]

7 brand-defining questions

If you've just joined my series on effective branding, welcome! Feel free to read previous posts or jump right in! Last week I wrote "where is your brand" - Well, now that you know where your brand lives, you have the opportunity to communicate your brand’s unique personality with artfully designed assets. But first, you must define your brand … [Read more...]

Your brand: Here, there and everywhere!

You already know why branding is so important—but where, exactly, is your brand? It's everywhere! Whether you provide a luxury product or B2B services, your audience is seeking information from a myriad of sources. You have the potential to influence buying decisions before ever having a conversation with a prospect. Prospects and customers will … [Read more...]

8 benefits of effective branding

As a business owner in the 21st century, you face new challenges (that didn’t exist a decade ago!) to distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace, across a multitude of marketing channels. As you already know, there is fierce competition, and positioning your service or product in a meaningful way is essential for success.   Good branding gives … [Read more...]

5 reasons to hire a professional graphic designer

As a professional designer who’s been in the business for more than 25 years, I’m seeing a shocking amount of bad design these days. It started when the economy tanked and everyone lost his/her job. Unable to find work, people have reinvented themselves in a stunning array of new careers—a wonderful testament to American fortitude and ingenuity. People … [Read more...]

Hot Off The Press

I recently designed this postcard for an art show that I curated at Studio Quercus in Oakland. The challenge was how to highlight all five artists on the front of the 5x7 postcard. The use of a simple grid and squares of image area was an elegant solution. … [Read more...]