Is my logo my brand?

So, you have a logo and that’s your brand, right? Nope. The terms “brand” and “logo” are not synonymous; it’s a huge misperception! A brand (and branding) is really so much more.

What is branding? Simply put: to “brand” your company is to create an authentic story about your company’s personality, culture, values and value—which is then expressed in all the ways you interact with your audience. So it’s not only your logo or website—but how you walk the walk and talk the talk about your service or product. A brand needs to be cultivated and carefully nurtured.

 Branding is taking your company story, applying it both visually and verbally across all your marketing channels. A brand is not just your logo and your business card. It’s all the elements combined that create and inform the impression of your business or product to your target audience. It’s about influencing the perception of, and experience with, your company—and it includes audio, visual and verbal communication methods.

If you need help defining your brand, and applying it across all of your marketing channels, I’d love to help!