Event identity and PR for a local art gallery

I had a lot of fun designing this identity and collateral project for a local art gallery event. Our goal was to raise awareness of the gallery within the local community and build relationships with new collectors and interior designers.Event-PR-and-Marketing

This two-day event consisted of six presenters and an opening reception. I developed the initial event logo and created consistent brand visuals for all print collateral, signage and online assets. A complete spectrum of visual identity for the event. It was a successful event and the community of goodwill and connections will benefit the gallery in the months to come.

Have you ever thought about hosting an event? By allowing people to experience and interact with your company, while participating in an event, you are connecting with potential buyers.Event-Identity-Design

Developing a memorable visual identity for all your collateral helps to boost your marketing efforts. Need help with your next event? Give me a call and let’s see how I can help with design, PR and marketing services.