Creating your brand Style Guide

Brand consistency checklist

Once you’ve defined your brand story and gained insight into what message you want to share with your marketing materials, it’s time to set the stage for consistency.

Whether you are a soloprenuer or a company with 250 employees, maintaining consistency across your brand efforts can be a challenge, yet without consistency, all this work could barely make an impression!

I recommend creating a brand style guidebook (it can be simple or complex, depending on the size and needs of your company) to streamline all of your marketing efforts.

A few items to include in your brand style guidebook are:

  • An overview of your brand story, vision or mission.
  • Clear simple guidelines outlining proper visual execution across print, and web applications of fonts, colors, logo size and proper positioning, etc.
  • Tone of voice for written communications.
  • Examples of email or data sheet template layouts.
  • Image use such as photography or illustrations.

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