Your brand: Here, there and everywhere!

You already know why branding is so important—but where, exactly, is your brand? It's everywhere! Whether you provide a luxury product or B2B services, your audience is seeking information from a myriad of sources. You have the potential to influence buying decisions before ever having a conversation with a prospect. Prospects and customers will … [Read more...]

Are you prepared for the moment of relevance?

It's summer! I love to read and can never seem to keep up with the stack of books on my desk. However, it's summer and I don't know about you but I find my thoughts wandering to my upcoming vacation where I will revel in the fresh air of the mountain forests. Hopefully you are enjoying some time off and recharging as well. With that in mind I offer my … [Read more...]

Finding Inspiration in Nature’s Color Palette

The Cedar Waxwings have returned. I am an avid birdwatcher and every spring a large, unruly flock of Cedar Waxwing birds arrives in the neighborhood to feast on the berries in the trees. They are fleeting and easily startled. I have to creep outside with my binoculars to enjoy the visual feast of color: Beautiful, engaging birds, richly colored with … [Read more...]