Event identity and PR for a local art gallery

I had a lot of fun designing this identity and collateral project for a local art gallery event. Our goal was to raise awareness of the gallery within the local community and build relationships with new collectors and interior designers. This two-day event consisted of six presenters and an opening reception. I developed the initial event logo and … [Read more...]

Is it really free?

Hello friend. It's a new year, time for resolutions, new marketing plans and promises to finally update that outdated brochure and blog post. You've found the perfect image to go with your brochure or blog post and voila, your done. Right? A colleague of mine recently received a threatening letter from a BIG NAME stock photo agency, claiming she was using … [Read more...]

Are you prepared for the moment of relevance?

It's summer! I love to read and can never seem to keep up with the stack of books on my desk. However, it's summer and I don't know about you but I find my thoughts wandering to my upcoming vacation where I will revel in the fresh air of the mountain forests. Hopefully you are enjoying some time off and recharging as well. With that in mind I offer my … [Read more...]

The Artist’s Life

Today I am stepping out of the design studio into my fine art studio. I am so thrilled to be featured on the local Studio Artists Blog here. Local artist Elise Morris kindly visited me in my studio and took lots of great photographs. You can see them and read more here. … [Read more...]

Napa Chamber Radio Interview

I was thrilled to be interviewed on KVON, for the Napa Chamber of Commerce. A big thank-you to Chris Templeton of Influence Internet for conducting a great interview, asking engaging questions and generally making me feel comfortable at the mic! You can listen to the interview here. … [Read more...]

New ways to consume information

There are proclamations in the media (online, of course) that Print. Is. Dead. Well, communicating via traditional methods (ie: putting ink on paper) such as direct mail, brochures and with advertising in print is not dead! I love receiving a smartly designed and gorgeously printed marketing piece, something that lands on my desk with a thud - on paper that … [Read more...]

Are you listening to your audience?

Do you really hear what your target market is telling you? We are bombarded by noise, 24/7, fed to us via a fire hose information feed both online, and via traditional media. We hear advertising jingles in the grocery store, read advertisements on BART, and get so much spam it's a wonder our inboxes don't explode! I feel as if we are in a frenzy... and, … [Read more...]