Gratitude versus Obligation. How do you talk to your potential customers?

Did you know that how you address your target audience can greatly influence their response to your direct marketing tactics? I recently read the results of an interesting study that showed that “communicating through gratitude, and even neutral, messages was found to be more persuasive than those messages conveying obligation.” The three authors of the … [Read more...]

A bold one color design solution

I really love clean, simple design that uses one color. A recent art exhibition postcard design provided an interesting challenge. The exhibition's title is The Nude 2012, a group show of artists exploring and using the figure, the nude, in their work. I decided from the start that I did not want a recognizable figure in the design, but instead played with … [Read more...]

Hot Off The Press

I recently designed this postcard for an art show that I curated at Studio Quercus in Oakland. The challenge was how to highlight all five artists on the front of the 5x7 postcard. The use of a simple grid and squares of image area was an elegant solution. … [Read more...]

Indeed, indicia can be pretty!

The U.S. Postal Service has a nifty new offering that allows more creativity in the design of an indicia. You can now include your logo, an image or photo in the design of this tiny piece of real estate used on all your direct mail pieces. It's small but certainly poses some interesting options to further enhance your brand design. The program officially … [Read more...]