Case Study: Artist Catalogue Development

Less is more! Editing content for clarity.

I often have projects presented to me with everything but the kitchen sink to be included. It’s important to whittle down information into sizeable chunks. No more true than for an artist’s catalogue. Choosing the right bits of written content, coupled with stunning visuals creates a powerful statement that is historically accurate for an artist.

Client Profile:

Joy Broom is an established artist with decades of experience. This was her first catalogue published of her work in concurrance with a solo show.


Provide a cohesive overview, distill a very large amount of visual and written information, create a visually appealing layout that enhanced her artwork but did not get in the way of her artistic voice.


Broom Case StudyWe began by sifting through and evaluating the content and artwork, developing a clear vision as to what was relevant and would be included in the catalogue. Her story was told in a meaningful and logical manner including a foreword, excerpts from art reviews, her statement, images and resume. Including her current work along with examples from earlier series helped to connect the historical references important to her and helped to ensure the validity of the work in the show. There were connections across the various series that the artist had produced over the past ten years that were alluded to and reinforced in the catalogue. An elegant, traditional page layout was created along with a color palette that was cohesive with the artwork.


A gorgeous 44-page, full color, perfect-bound catalogue that brought together her work and story in a meaningful and appealing way.


I want to extravagantly praise the design skills of Susan Sharman for helping me give birth to the beautiful catalog of my artwork. Susan’s professional experience and calm optimism as a designer made the publication process fun and relatively painless.

Joy Broom

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