Case Study: Art to Market

Client Profile:

Susan Lefkowich Fine Art Products
Susan Lefkowich creates high-end posters and greeting cards that are extensions of her original paintings. The paintings themselves are inspired by sources as varied as Islamic tile work and Asian floral designs.

The Challenge:

A gifted fine artist, Susan Lefkowich was looking for a way to convert her beautiful, original paintings into commercially printed products. She was hesitant to enter into the world of commercial print without an experienced guide – one who could help her honor the integrity of the original paintings while creating a pleasing and cost-effective end product.


casestudy-02I developed a painstaking plan for processing this artwork, and utmost attention was given to each detail at every step. First, each piece was recorded using high resolution, museum quality digital photography. From these photographs, I created new images that could be color-corrected and altered to Susan’s specifications. From this new, hybrid artwork we arranged the imagery and iconography to create a series of cards from each original painting.

Finally, we executed the final artwork using high-quality offset printing on a white, velvet finish paper stock and enhanced each card with a gold metallic ink border. We also created a product sales sheet, which provides a clear idea of how her beautiful artwork can translate into a variety of paper goods.


The cards and posters have been very well received, and are selling briskly. Moreover, a national publishing firm has expressed interest in picking up the line, and using it to create high-end paper goods.


“I came to Susan with a vague idea of what I wanted to do and she was able to create a beautiful and marketable presentation for my artwork while preserving the integrity of its original form. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”
Susan Lefkowich

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