7 brand-defining questions

If you’ve just joined my series on effective branding, welcome! Feel free to read previous posts or jump right in!

Last week I wrote “where is your brand” – Well, now that you know where your brand lives, you have the opportunity to communicate your brand’s unique personality with artfully designed assets.

But first, you must define your brand story!

Whether you are selling a service or a product, defining your core brand values will help drive decisions about all your communication materials such as logo, website or social media presence. To begin the process, get started by answering these questions:

1.    Do you have a message, a business philosophy or a particular process that stands out from your competition? What is the story that you can tell about this and what methods are you using to reach your audience?
2.    Why did you start your business?
3.    What need are you answering?
4.    What are the benefits of your products and services?
5.    What makes you different than your competition?
6.    What are some things that are integral parts of your brand’s culture and personality?
7.    What do you want customers to think of when they hear your name?

If you need guidance during this process, I can help.